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Table 2 DENV-3 isolates investigated in this study

From: Co-circulation of two genotypes of dengue virus serotype 3 in Guangzhou, China, 2009

Isolate Year of isolation Geographical origin GenBank Accession No. Genotype
GZ1D3 2009 China: Guangdong In this study III
GZ2D3 2009 China: Guangdong In this study III
09/GZ/11144 2009 China: Guangdong HM466966 (E) III
09/GZ/11194 2009 China: Guangdong HM466967 (E) III
09/GZ/13105 2009 China: Guangdong HM466968 (E) III
09/GZ/10616 2009 China: Guangdong HM466964 (E) III
Zhejiang/08/09 2009 China: Zhejiang GU721065 III
Zhejiang/15/09 2009 China: Zhejiang GU721066 III
Zhejiang/17/09 2009 China: Zhejiang GU721067 III
Zhejiang/27/09 2009 China: Zhejiang GU721068 III
Zhejiang/31/09 2009 China: Zhejiang GU721069 III
ZJYW2009 2009 China: Zhejiang JF504679 III
07CHLS001 2007 China: Zhejiang EU367962 II
DTID-ZJU04 2009 China: Zhejiang GU189648 II
09/GZ/1081 2009 China: Guangdong HM466962 (E) V
09/GZ/1483 2009 China: Guangdong HM466963 (E) V
09/GZ/10806 2009 China: Guangdong HM466965 (E) V
80-2 1980 China: Guangxi AF317645 V
ND143 2007 India FJ644564 III
DEL-72 2008 India GQ466079 III
DENV-3/LK/BID-V2405 1983 Sri Lanka GQ199887 III
DENV-3/LK/BID-V2409 1997 Sri Lanka GQ252674 III
DENV-3/MX/BID-V2989 2007 Mexico FJ898442 III
DENV-3/US/BID-V2103 2000 USA FJ547071 III
DENV-3/US/BID-V1080 2006 USA EU529699 III
DENV-3/US/BID-V1620 2005 USA FJ182010 III
DENV-3/US/BID-V1090 1998 USA EU529703 III
DENV-3/US/BID-V1043 2006 USA EU482555 III
DENV-3/VE/BID-V2179 2000 Venezuela FJ639750 III
DENV-3/VE/BID-V2481 2007 Venezuela GQ868586 III
DENV-3/NI/BID-V2419 1998 Nicaragua GQ199886 III
DENV-3/NI/BID-V2420 1994 Nicaragua FJ882576 III
DENV-3/NI/BID-V2649 2008 Nicaragua FJ873813 III
DENV-3/NI/BID-V4761 2009 Nicaragua HM181972 III
DENV-3/NI/BID-V3055 2008 Nicaragua GQ199860 III
DENV-3/NI/BID-V5498 2010 Nicaragua JF937633 III
DENV-3/LC/BID-V3929 2001 Saint Lucia GQ868616 III
DENV-3/BR/BID-V2400 2007 Brazil FJ850092 III
DENV-3/BR/BID-V2977 2001 Brazil FJ898446 III
DENV-3/BR/BID-V3606 2007 Brazil GU131876 III
DENV-3/IPC/BID-V3832 2007 Cambodia GU131917 II
DENV-3/KH/BID-V2082 2003 Cambodia FJ639725 II
DENV-3/IPC/BID-V3820 2006 Cambodia GU131908 II
DENV-3/IPC/BID-V4286 2007 Cambodia GU131937 II
DENV-3/KH/BID-V2080 2003 Cambodia FJ639723 II
DENV-3/VN/BID-V1013 2006 Viet Nam EU482457 II
DENV-3/VN/BID-V1911 2008 Viet Nam FJ547066 II
C0360/94 1994 Thailand AY923865 II
C0331/94 1994 Thailand AY876494 II
DENV-3/TH/BID-V2315 2001 Thailand FJ744729 II
DENV-3/TH/BID-V3360 1973 Thailand GQ868593 II
PF90/3050 1990 French Polynesia AY744679 I
PF92/4190 1992 French Polynesia AY744684 I
den3-88 1988 Indonesia AY858038 I
FW01 2004 Indonesia AY858040 I
H87 1956 Philippines M93130 V
BS-PRico63 1963 Puerto Rico AY146762 IV
1339 1977 Puerto Rico AY146761 IV