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Table 1 DENV-3 from Brazil and Paraguay used in this study

From: Phylogenetic relationship of dengue virus type 3 isolated in Brazil and Paraguay and global evolutionary divergence dynamics

Virus Passage (No.) City/State/Region Country/year of isolation
D3BR/SL3/02 2 São Luis/Maranhão/Northeast Brazil/2002
D3BR/BV4/02 2 Boa Vista/Roraima/North Brazil/2002
D3BR/CU6/02 2 Cuiabá/Mato Grosso/Midwest Brazil/2002
D3BR/RP1/03 2 Ribeirão Preto/São Paulo/Southeast Brazil/2003
D3BR/PV1/03 2 Porto Velho/Rondônia/North Brazil/2003
D3BR/MR9/03 2 Marituba/Pará/North Brazil/2003
D3BR/BR8/04 2 Bragança/Pará/North Brazil/2004
D3BR/ACN/2007 2 Ribeirão Preto/São Paulo/Southeast Brazil/2007
D3BR/AL95/2009 2 Ribeirão Preto/São Paulo/Southeast Brazil/2009
D3PY/AS12/02 2 Asunción/Central/Eastern Paraguay/2002
D3PY/PJ4/03 2 Pedro Juan Caballero/Amambay/Eastern Paraguay/2003
D3PY/AS10/03 2 Asunción/Central/Eastern Paraguay/2003
D3PY/SUS/2003 2 Asunción/Central/Eastern Paraguay/2003