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Table 1 Summary of the matches implied in HCV inhibition by 3 microRNAs considered as potential therapeutic targets

From: MicroRNAs and hepatitis C virus: Toward the end of miR-122 supremacy

microRNA Inhibition of HCV infection by
Matches on HCV RNA Matches on host targets
miR-196b NS5A coding region (6680) [27] Bach1 3’UTR (2286 and 2166) [35]
miR-199a-3p 5’UTR IRES (60) [26] NR
miR-29 NR NR
  1. The numbers in brackets indicate the first nucleotide of the binding sites of the miRNAs.
  2. UTR: untranslated region; IRES: internal ribosome entry site; NR: non reported.