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Figure 1

From: siRNA against the G gene of human metapneumovirus

Figure 1

The effect of prior siG1 and siG2 transfection of A549 cells on G and N mRNA 24 h post-infection with hMPV at a MOI of 2. (a) hMPV G mRNA was significantly reduced by siG2 compared to cells either transfected with siMM (*P = 1.6 x 10-5, t-test) or not transfected. siG1 was not as effective at reducing G mRNA and subsequently was not used for experimentation. (b) siG1, siG2 and siMM did not reduce nucleoprotein (N) mRNA. hMPV N and G mRNA were quantified by RT-qPCR. Data was normalised to β-actin and expressed relative to untreated A549 cells.

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