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Table 3 Nucleotide and amino acid variations of E2 gene in Delhi samples in comparison with ECSA lineage and other Indian samples are shown here

From: Genetic characterization of Chikungunya virus from New Delhi reveal emergence of a new molecular signature in Indian isolates

Nucleotide Position Amino acid variation Samples
ECSA# Indian Samples All Delhi Samples IND-10-DEL10 IND-10-DEL15
8690* V50A T . . C .
8703   T C C   
8721   T C/T C   
8727   T C/T C   
8748   C T/C T   
8757   T C/T C   
8784   C G/T G   
8811   A G G   
8814   C T/C T   
8859   G A/G A   
8865   A G/A G   
8910   C T/C T   
8952   C T/C T   
9031* A164T G A/G A   
9081   G A/G A   
9138   T C C   
9173* I211T T C C   
9270   G . . A .
9276   C T T   
9285   C T/C T   
9332* V264A T T C   
9437* S299N G A A   
9476* T312M C T/C T   
9480   C T T   
9489   G A/G A   
9525   T C C   
9571* A344T G A A   
9588   C T/C T   
9609   C T T   
9610   T C/T C   
9615   C T T   
9664* S375T T A/T A   
9698* V386A T C/T C . C
9706 C389R T . .   
9741   C T/C T   
  1. Asterisk next to nucleotide position denotes non-synonymous mutations. Dot represents same nucleotide as ECSA. Blank represents same nucleotide as All Delhi samples.