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Table 3 Antiviral effect of prestimulation by Toll-like receptor-specific ligands.

From: Toll-like receptor pre-stimulation protects mice against lethal infection with highly pathogenic influenza viruses

TLR stimulation Virus strain Ratio of MLD50(log10EID50) between LPS-pretreated and mock-treated mice
TLR2 a A/Vietnam/1203/04 0
TLR4 b A/Vietnam/1203/04 1.0
TLR2 Sp HA/WSN c 0.76
TLR4 Sp HA/WSN c 0.49
  1. aSynthetic mycoplasmal lipoprotein (FSL-1)
  2. bLPS of E. coli K12 msbB (LPS agonist)
  3. cReassortant possessing the HA segment from influenza A/South Carolina/1918 (H1N1) and the remaining seven viral RNA segments from A/WSN/33 (H1N1).