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Table 2 Antiviral effect of prestimulation with Toll-like receptor specific ligands against influenza A/Puerto Rico/8/34.

From: Toll-like receptor pre-stimulation protects mice against lethal infection with highly pathogenic influenza viruses

TLR ligand Receptor Ratio of MLD50(log10EID50) between LPS-pretreated and mock-treated mice
Synthetic mycoplasmal lipoprotein (FSL-1) TLR2 1.0
Synthetic analog of dsRNA (Poly(I:C)) TLR3 0.66
LPS from E. coli K12 msbB TLR4 1.0
LPS from E. coli serotype O111:B4   0.66
Guanosine analog (loxoribine) TLR7 0.66