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Figure 1

From: Peptide inhibition of human cytomegalovirus infection

Figure 1

Wimley-White interfacial hydrophobicity scale score-positive sequences in class II and III viral fusion proteins. Sequences of a representative class II viral fusion protein (Dengue virus E) and of class III viral fusion proteins with high potential to interface with lipid membranes (red) were identified using Membrane Protein Explorer software (MpeX version 3.0). As discussed in the text, a class III domain nomenclature is used here that can apply to both class II and III viral fusions proteins. The alternative domain number schemes used by Roche et al. and Heldwein et al. are noted in parentheses. The Dengue virus (DENV E) stem domain sequence that was not included in the protein used to determine the crystal structure has been added. The DENV stem has a positive WWIHS scale score, and corresponds to a previously determined inhibitor of DENV and West Nile virus [35].

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