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Table 1 Experiment of groups with different treatment in guinea pigs

From: GM-CSF and IL-2 as adjuvant enhance the immune effect of protein vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease

Groups Treatments
Control PBS
1 BoIL-2
3 VP1
4 inactivated FMDV vaccine
5 VP1emulsed in the complete fraued's adjuvant (CFA) (VP1+ CFA)
6 Mixture of VP1and BoIL-2 (VP1+ BoIL-2)
7 Mixture of VP1 and BoGM-CSF (VP1+ BoGM-CSF)
8 Co-expressed product of BoGM-CSF/VP1
9 Co-expressed product of BoIL-2/VP1
10 Co-expressed product of BoIL-2/BoGM-CSF/VP1
11 Mixture of BoIL-2/VP1and BoGM-CSF/VP1 (BoIL-2/VP1+BoGM-CSF/VP1)