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Figure 6

From: GM-CSF and IL-2 as adjuvant enhance the immune effect of protein vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease

Figure 6

Semi-quantitative RT-PCR of cytokine gene. The levels of the Th1 or Th2 cytokines were quantitatively measured by semi-quantitative RT-PCR and showed in Figure 6. For Th1 or Th2 cytokine, mRNA levels were the highest inoculated with the last four groups, followed by co-inoculation with signal cytokine and VP1, VP1 and VP1 + CFA group had the same level with former groups. (1: control, 2: BoIL-2, 3: BoGM-CSF, 4: BoIL-2/VP1, 5: BoGM-CSF/VP1, 6: VP1, 7: vaccine, 8: VP1+CFA, 9: IL-2+VP1, 10: GM-CSF+VP1, 11: BoIL-2/GM-CSF/VP1, 12: BoIL-2/VP1+GM-CSF/VP1).

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