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Figure 2

From: Anti-apoptotic effect of HCV core gene of genotype 3a in Huh-7 cell line

Figure 2

HCV 3a Core gene decreases expression of Caspase-3 at protein level. A) Protein expression levels were determined by western blot analysis from Huh-7 cell lysates after 48 hr transfection with HCV Core 1a (C1a) and Core 3a (C3a) using specific antibody. Protein levels for GAPDH gene are shown as internal control. B) Blots were also normalized by measuring the amount of GAPDH (histogram). Bars are mean of optical density ratio of each group.* p < 0.001 verses control and Core 1a. GAPDH gene was used as internal control for normalization in western blotting. All experiments were performed in 3 independent experiments having triplicate samples in each.

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