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Table 2 Complete genome of rabies virus used in this study from Genbank

From: Molecular characterization of China rabies virus vaccine strain

Strain Origins Country Accession no Length
CTN181 Attenuated vaccine strain, derived from the brain tissue of a patient in Shandong, China China EF564174 11923 bp
Nishigahara Seed strain of animal rabies vaccine strain used in Japan Japan AB044824 11926 bp
SAD-B19 A highly attenuated mutant of SAD strain America AB044824 11928 bp
RC-HL Animal vaccine strain used in Japan Japan AB009663 11926 bp
RV-97 Vaccine strain employed in Russia Russia EF542830 11932 bp
PV Pasteur vaccine strain France M13215 11932 bp
ERA Attenuated rabies vaccine strain America EF206707 11931 bp
SRV9 Avirulent vaccine strain China AF499686 11928 bp
NI-CE Developed from Nishigahara Japan AB128149 11926 bp
HEP-Flury Derived from a human isolate in Georgia, USA, 1939 America AB085828 11615 bp
DRV Isolated from a deer in Ji lin, China China DQ875051. 11863 bp
MRV Isolated from a mouse in China China DQ875050. 11869 bp
HN10 Isolated fron a rabies patient in Hunan, China China EU643590 11923 bp
SHBRV-18 Isolated from a silver-haired bat America AY705272 11923 bp
BD06 Isolated in China China EU643590 11924 bp
NNV-RAB-H Isolated from the brain of human India EF437215 11928 bp
SAG2 Vaccine strain Derived from SAD America EF206719 11928 bp
8743THA A street strain Thailand EU293121 11923 bp
8764THA A street strain Thailand EU293111 11925 bp
H-08-1320 Isolated from the brain of human Sri Lanka AB569299 11926 bp
RRV ON-99-2 Isolated from a raccoon Canada EU311738 11923 bp
BR-Pfx1 Isolated from Dusicyon sp Brazil AB362483 11924 bp
9704ARG Isolated from tadarida brasiliensis Argentina EU293116 11923 bp
9147FRA Isolated from fox France EU293115 11923 bp
9001FRA Isolated from dog Guyana EU293113 11922 bp
FJ08 Isolated from dog China FJ866835 11924 bp
FJ09 Isolated from dog China FJ866836 11924 bp
D01 Isolated from the brain of dog China FJ12193 11925 bp
D02 Isolated form the brain of dog China FJ12194 11925 bp
MOKOLA Isolated from Mokola Virus Africa NC_006429 11940 bp
KRC5-04 Isolated from dog South Korea AY730597 1353 bp
HNDB28 Isolated from dog China EU008922 1353 bp
HNDB12 Isolated from dog China EU008920 1353 bp
GXPL Isolated from Canis lupus familiaris China GQ472474 1353 bp
Hebei0(H) Isolated from homo sapiens China EU267777 1353 bp
Zhejiang Wz1(H) Isolated from homo sapiens China EU700032 1353 bp
West Caucasian bat virus Isolated from West Caucasian bat Russia EF614258 12278 bp
Flury-LEP Derived from a human isolate in Georgia, USA, 1939 America DQ099524 11711 bp
JS08-45 Isolated from Chinese ferret badger China GU647092 11922 bp