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Figure 2

From: The porcine circovirus type 1 capsid gene promoter improves antigen expression and immunogenicity in a HIV-1 plasmid vaccine

Figure 2

Sequences of PCV genome and enhancer elements. A. Virion sense DNA sequence of PCV-1, showing the 172 base Pcap fragment in the PcapR (virion sense) orientation. Restriction sites for cloning are not shown. Sequence is numbered as in PCV-1 Accession Number Y09921 [22]. Putative host transcription factor binding sites are indicated and underlined and Conserved Late Element (CLE) motifs are highlighted in grey. The minimal PcapR sequence (1252 - 1328) as identified by Mankertz & Hillenbrand [22] is indicated in italics. B. Aligned Pcap core regions from PCV-1, PCV-2 and BFDV-AFG-ZA. PCV-1 sequence includes nt 1260 - 1329. Consensus c/EBPb, GATA-1 and CREB sites are indicated and underlined. C. PCV-1 Conserved Late Element (CLE) sequence (47 bp, nt 1324 - 1370): identified according to Cazzonelli et al. [32]. Consensus CLE motifs are highlighted in grey. Putative SP1 and AP3 sites are indicated and underlined.

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