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Table 1 Humoral responses (anti-HCV IgG) in immunised groups detected by ELISA.

From: Effect of route of delivery on heterologous protection against HCV induced by an adenovirus vector carrying HCV structural genes

  IgG Antibody titer
  Ad (i.m.) Ad (i.d.) Ad (i.n.) Ad (i.m.+i.m.) Ad (i.m.+i.n.) Ad (i.n.+i.m.) Ad (id)/TTV(id)
Anti-core 50 50 50 50 50 3200 400
Anti-E1 100 100 25 200 200 100 1600
Anti-E2 100 100 25 800 400 100 1600
  1. Note: Antisera were collected 14 days post-immunization, and total IgG titres specific for the HCV antigen were determined by ELISA as described in the methods. Numbers represent titres of pooled sera from each group. Experiments were repeated at least three times and same results were obtained. The antibody titre was defined as the reciprocal of the serum dilution at which the absorbance (OD value) was twice that of sera in the non-immunized group.