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Table 1 Analysis performed for the identification of the two double positive samples.

From: Report of two cases of influenza virus A/H1N1v and B co-infection during the 2010/2011 epidemics in the Italian Veneto Region

  Nasal swab    MDCK.2 inoculation
Patient # real time RT-PCR IFA real time RT-PCR
  Type A Type B Type A Type B Type A Type B
1 + + + + + +
2 + + + + + +
  1. Nasal swabs of the two co-infected patients were directly analyzed by real time RT-PCR (Nasal swab) and inoculated in MDCK.2 cells (MDCK.2 inoculation) in order to confirm the presence of both viruses (Type A and Type B) by IFA and real time RT-PCR. "+" indicates a positive result.