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Figure 3

From: Characteristics of epstein barr virus variants associated with gastric carcinoma in Southern Tunisia

Figure 3

Genotyping of EBVaGC strains. A: PCR -RFLP of the BamHI-F region showing the f variant (presence of two bands of 128 bp and 71 bp) for the control C666-1 cell line (lane 1) and one band of 199 bp for the F variant for cases GC2 to GC6 (lane 2 to 6). B: PCR-RFLP of the BamHI-W1/I1 region. DNA fragments were digested with BamHI giving two bands of 139 and 67 bp (type D) for GC2 to GC6 (lane 2 to 6) or one band of 245 bp (type C) for the control C666-1 cell line (lane 1). C: EBNA3C region. EBV strains of types A and B correspond to DNA fragment of 153 and 246 bp respectively. Case GC6 shows dual infection with both types A and B viruses. B95.8 is a type A virus that was used as a control (lane 1). D: XhoI polymorphism in exon 1 of the BNLF1 gene. PCR product was digested by XhoI to yield two bands of 343 bp and 154 bp in XhoI+ variant for GC2 to GC6 (lane 2 to 6). C666-1 cell line is a positive of loss-XhoI variant (lane 1).

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