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Figure 3

From: DnaJ homolog Hdj2 Facilitates Japanese Encephalitis Virus Replication

Figure 3

Silencing Hdj2 using siRNA decreases JEV NS5 production. HEK293 cells were transfected with siRNA against Hdj2, or scrambled siRNA (negative control, see the description in the Materials and Methods). A. The down-regulation of Hdj2 was determined by Western blot analysis using antibodies specific to Hdj2. The transfected cells were then infected with JEV. The cell lysates were collected at 24 h post-infection and subjected to western blot analysis using anti-Hdj2, anti-NS5, and anti β-actin specific antibodies. B. Quantitative measurement of the indicated band intensities of Hdj2 and NS5 from JEV-infected scrambled siRNA treated cells, or cells treated with siRNA against Hdj2. Results were derived from three independent experiments.

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