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Table 1 Sequence homology of each gene from A/swine/Guangdong/1/2010 (H1N2) and reference virus sequences available in GenBank.

From: Genetic characterization of H1N2 influenza a virus isolated from sick pigs in Southern China in 2010

Gene Region Virus with the highest degree of homology Nucleotide sequence Identity (%) Influenza virus lineage
HA 65-1689 A/swine/Beijing/47/1991(H1N1)[U46783] 94.6 Swine
NA 35-1422 A/Turkey/MO/24093/99(H1N2)[AY038015] 97.4 Human
PB2 100-2307 A/swine/HongKong/NS623/2002(H1N2)[GQ229369] 98.1 Avian
PB1 468-2297 A/turkey/Ontario/31232/2005(H3N2)[DQ469996] 99.8 Human
PA 479-2150 A/swine/HongKong/NS623/2002(H1N2)[GQ229368] 97.5 Avian
NP 45-1563 A/swine/Hong Kong/915/2004(H1N2) [GQ229270] 98.0 Swine
M 25-996 A/swine/HongKong/NS623/2002(H1N2)[GQ229367] 98.9 Swine
NS 41-852 A/swine/Hong Kong/1110/2006(H1N2) [GQ229371] 97.6 Swine