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Table 4 APMV6 complete genomes nucleotide identity matrix

From: Identification and complete genome sequencing of paramyxoviruses in mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) using random access amplification and next generation sequencing technologies

  Hong Kong/18/199/77 Italy/4524-2/07 Taiwan/Y1/98 FarEast/4440/03 APMV-6 BE/12245/07
APMV-6/duck/HongKong/18/199/77 ID     
APMV-6/duck/Italy/4524-2/07 70% ID    
APMV-6/duck/Taiwan/Y1/98 94.2% 70.2% ID   
APMV-6/Goose/FarEast/4440/2003 93.8% 70.3% 98.3% ID  
APMV-6/Anas platyrhynchos/BE/12245/2007 91.9% 69.2% 96% 96.5% ID
  1. Sites with missing data were deleted from the alignment