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Table 1 Clinical outcome of the pigs following viral challenge.

From: Experimental infection of Bama miniature pigs with a highly virulent classical swine fever virus

Groups No. of animals with fever (≥ 40.5°C) No. of days to fever onset Fever frequency during the trial Survival rates
A 5/5 2 26/56 0/5
B 5/5 2 21/51 0/5
C 5/5 3 18/58 0/5
D 3/3 10 3/11 2/3
E 0/2 - 0/30 2/2
  1. Twenty specific-pathogen-free Bama miniature pigs were randomly divided into five groups. Groups A, B and C (n = 5) were inoculated i.m. with 104, 105 and 106 TCID50 CSFV Shimen strain, respectively. Three non-inoculated pigs were housed in the same pen and served as in-contact animals. Two uninfected control pigs were housed in a separate pen. Clinical outcome, fever frequency and survival rates after viral challenge were calculated.