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Figure 1

From: Fusion with extracellular domain of cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated-antigen 4 leads to enhancement of immunogenicity of Hantaan virus DNA vaccines in C57BL/6 mice

Figure 1

Expression and identification of fusion proteins of eCTLA4-HTNV N or eCTLA4-HTNV glycoproteins. (A) SDS-PAGE analysis of eCTLA4-HTNV N fusion protein in supernatant (Lane 1) and cell lysates (Lane 2) of E.coli; N protein without eCTLA (Lane 3 and 4); (B) Western-blot analysis of eCTLA4-HTNV N fusion protein from 293T cells transfected with DNA constructs, detected by either N-specific monoclonal antibody L13F3 (eCTLA4-N/anti-N) or anti-mouse eCTLA-4 antibody (eCTLA4-N/anti-eCTLA4). As a control, the HTNV N protein without fusion with eCTLA-4 was also detected by monoclonal antibody L13F3 (NP/anti-N). (C) Immuno-fluorescence assay of transient expression of eCTLA4-HTNV GP detected with HTNV Gc specific monoclonal antibody Y22 or anti-mouse eCTLA-4 antibody (C-a and b); or transient expression of eCTLA4-HTNV N fusion proteins detected with L13F3 and anti-mouse eCTLA-4 antibody (C-c and d).

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