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Figure 3

From: Polyclonal antibody cocktails generated using DNA vaccine technology protect in murine models of orthopoxvirus disease

Figure 3

Testing of rabbit sera cocktails against MV, EV, or a combination of MV and EV (QVPA) in a lethal IHD-J-Luc vaccinia virus intranasal challenge model. BALB/c mice were inoculated with anti-MV (purple), anti-EV (red), or QVPA (blue) cocktails, or with normal rabbit sera, (NRS, green) one day before challenge with IHD-J-Luc; control mice received similar volumes of PBS and are shown in black. Mice were observed for lethality (A) and for weight loss (B) for 21 and 14 days, respectively. The anti-MV cocktail contained1:1 mixture of anti-L1 and anti-A27 sera. Anti-EV cocktail contained 1:1 mixture of anti-B5 and anti-A33 sera. QVPA (Lot 1) contains both anti-MV and anti-EV polyclonal sera and PBS as described in Material and Methods. The IHD-J-Luc control group, n = 9, all other groups, n = 6.

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