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Table 1 The 21 Theilovirus strains used in phylogentic and recombination analysis in the present study

From: Analysis of the genomic homologous recombination in Theilovirus based on complete genomes

GenBank No. Strain Name Source Country Virus
M16020 BeAn Mouse USA TMEV
M20301 DA Mouse USA TMEV
X56019 GDVII Mouse UK TMEV
EU718733 Vie415HRT Mouse USA TMEV
EU723238 Yale Mouse USA TMEV
EU718732 TOB15 Mouse USA TMEV
AB090161 NGS910 Rat Japan TRV
EU542581 TRV-1 Rat USA TRV
EU815052 RTV1 Rat USA TRV
EU681178 D/VI2273/2004 Human Germany SAFV
EU681179 D/VI2223/2004 Human Germany SAFV
FJ463616 Pak5152 Human Pakistan SAFV
FJ463615 Pak5003 Human Pakistan SAFV
FJ463617 Pak6572 Human Pakistan SAFV
EF165067 NA Human USA SAFV
EU681177 BR/118/2006 Human Germany SAFV
EU681176 D/VI2229/2004 Human Germany SAFV
GU595289 HTCV-UC6 Human USA SAFV
EU376394 NA Human USA SAFV
AM922293 Can112051-06 Human Canada SAFV
FM207487 Nijmegen2007 Human Netherlands SAFV