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Table 2 Potential BoHV-4 V.test ORFs presenting conserved functional domains

From: Sequencing of bovine herpesvirus 4 v.test strain reveals important genome features

BoHV-4 ORF Domain accession number Functional annotation Species distributiona
ORF 3 COG0046, TIGR01735, TIGR01736, TIGR01739, PF02769 Phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine (FGAM) synthase; AIR synthase related protein Eukaryota; Bacteria; Archaea; Viruses
ORF 6 PF00747 ssDNA binding protein Herpesviridae
ORF 7 PF01366 Protein transporter activity Herpesviridae
ORF 8 PF00606 Surface glycoprotein Herpesviridae
ORF 9 COG0417, TIGR00592, PF00136, PF03104, SM00486 DNA polymerase type-B family Eukaryota; Bacteria; Archaea; Viruses
ORF 10 PF04797 dUTPase Herpesviridae
Bo4 COG5183, SM00744 Protein involved in mRNA turnover and stability; zinc-finger RING-variant domain Eukaryota; Bacteria
ORF 16 SM00337 BCL (B-Cell lymphoma); contains BH1, BH2 regions Eukaryota; Bacteria; Viruses
ORF 17 PF00716 Serine-type endopeptidase activity Herpesviridae
ORF 18 PF03049 UL79 family Herpesviridae
ORF 19 PF01499 Virus penetration and capsid assembly Herpesviridae
ORF 20 PF01646 UL24 family Herpesviridae
ORF 21 PF00693, PF01712, PF08465 ATP binding; thymidine kinase activity; phosphotransferase activity Eukaryota; Bacteria; Viruses
ORF 22 PF02489 Virion associated envelope glycoprotein Herpesviridae
ORF 23 PF04682 BTRF1 protein conserved region Herpesviridae
ORF 24 PF03043 UL87 family Herpesviridae
ORF 25 PF03122 Structural molecule activity Herpesvirales
ORF 26 PF01802 Structural molecule activity Herpesvirales
ORF 29 PF02499, PF02500 Probable role in DNA packaging Herpesvirales
ORF 30 PF05338 Unknown function (DUF717) Gammaherpesvirinae
ORF 31 TIGR01234, PF03048 UL92 family; L-ribulokinase Herpesvirales; Embryophyta
ORF 32 PF04559 DNA cleavage and packaging Herpesviridae
ORF 33 PF03044 Possible role in capsid maturation Herpesviridae
ORF 34 PF03038 UL95 family Herpesviridae
ORF 35 PF05852 Unknown function (DUF848) Gammaherpesvirinae
ORF 36 COG0515, PF00069, SM00220 ATP binding; protein kinase activity; Serine/threonine protein kinase Eukaryota; Bacteria; Archaea
ORF 37 PF01771, PF09588 Exonuclease activity; DNA binding Eukaryota; Bacteria; Viruses
ORF 38 PF10813 Unknown function (DUF2733) Herpesviridae
ORF 39 PF01528 Integral membrane protein Herpesviridae
ORF 40 PF03324 Helicase-primase complex associated protein Herpesviridae
ORF 41 PF05774 Helicase-primase complex components Gammaherpesvirinae
ORF 42 PF01677 UL7-like protein Herpesviridae
ORF 43 PF01763 Possible role in cleavage and packaging Herpesviridae
ORF 44 COG0507, PF02689 Helicase; ATP-dependent exoDNAse (exonuclease V) Eukaryota; Bacteria; Viruses
ORF 46 COG0692, TIGR00628, TIGR03443, PF03167 Uracil DNA glycosylase Eukaryota; Bacteria; Archaea; Viruses
ORF 47 PF11108 Glycoprotein L Herpesviridae
ORF 48 PF05734 Unknown function (DUF832) Herpesviridae
ORF 50 PF03326, PF04793 Early-intermediate transcription factors Gammaherpesvirinae
Bo10 PF05459, PF05812 Transcriptional regulator proteins Herpesviridae
ORF 53 PF03554 Highly polymorphic glycoprotein Herpesviridae
ORF 54 COG0756, TIGR00576, PF00692 dUTPase Eukaryota; Bacteria; Archaea; Viruses
ORF 55 PF04533 U44 protein Herpesviridae
ORF 56 PF03121 UL52/UL70 DNA primase Eukaryota; dsDNA Viruses
ORF 57 PF04633 BMRF2 protein Gammaherpesvirinae
ORF 59 PF04929 DNA replication accessory factor Gammaherpesvirinae
ORF 60 COG0208, PF00268 Ribonucleotide reductase Eukaryota; Bacteria; Archaea; Viruses
ORF 61 COG0209, TIGR02504, TIGR02506, TIGR02510, PF00317, PF02867 Ribonucleotide reductase Eukaryota; Bacteria; Archaea; Viruses
ORF 62 PF03327 Capsid shell protein VP19C Herpesviridae
ORF 63 PF04523 Tegument protein U30 Herpesviridae
ORF 64 PF04843 Tegument protein, N-terminal conserved region Herpesviridae
ORF 65 PF06112 Capsid protein Gammaherpesvirinae
ORF 66 PF03117 UL49 family Herpesviridae
ORF 67 PF04541 Virion protein U34 Herpesviridae
ORF 67.5 PF03581 UL33-like protein Herpesviridae
ORF 68 PF01673 Putative major envelope glycoprotein Herpesviridae
ORF 69 PF02718 UL31-like protein Herpesviridae
ORF 71 PF01335, SM00031 Death effector domain Eukaryota; Viruses
ORF 75 COG0046, COG0047, TIGR01735, TIGR01736, TIGR01739, TIGR01857, PF02769 Phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine (FGAM) synthase; AIR synthase related protein Eukaryota; Bacteria; Archaea; Viruses
Bo17 PF02485 Core-2/I-Branching enzyme Eukaryota; Bacteria; Viruses
  1. Conserved functional domains were determined for each BoHV-4 V.test ORF using METHOD and the domains accession numbers, functional annotation and the species distribution were listed. When several domains were conserved, the annotations were either merged when possible or juxtaposed. Domains present in herpesviridae conserved gene families are highlighted in bold (from Fu, 2008). (PFxxx: Pfam Accession Number; SMxxx: SMART Accession Number; COGxxx: COG Accession Number; TIGRxxx: TIGRFam Accession Number).
  2. a Major taxonomic groups.