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Figure 4

From: Lassa hemorrhagic fever in a late term pregnancy from northern sierra leone with a positive maternal outcome: case report

Figure 4

Comprehensive daily Piccolo metabolic panel analysis. Metabolic indicators were measured in the serum of G-1442 daily after admission, through day 20 (with the exception of day 19), using a Piccolo comprehensive metabolic panel disk array. Two Sierra Leonean normal controls were also analyzed for comparison (SLN004 and SLN022). Values were plotted alongside normal ranges for each metabolite (rose boxes), for reference. G-1442 presented with normal BUN, CRE, but elevated TBIL. Analytes ALP, ALT, and AST were highly elevated upon admission, all indicative of severe liver implication in this LF case. Metabolic indicators in the two healthy Sierra Leonean donors were within normal ranges. Hemoglobin levels were independently measured in G-1442 on days 7, 9-12, and 14-16 post-onset of disease. The day of stillbirth delivery is indicated in each panel by a dark red diamond (day 13).

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