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Figure 1

From: Lassa hemorrhagic fever in a late term pregnancy from northern sierra leone with a positive maternal outcome: case report

Figure 1

Rapid diagnosis of acute LF virus infection by LFI in patient G-1442. LFI diagnostic (A) and dipstick (B) tests detected LASV NP in the serum of suspected LF patients. After 15 minutes of development the results were recorded photographically and reflectance scans were taken as outlined in Methods. A representative normal serum sample analysis from a Sierra Leonean donor (- ctrl) is shown for comparison. Only the control line developed with this serum sample. Conversely, sera from G-1442 generated a detectable precipitate in the test line, indicative of LASV NP antigen. The positive control (+ ctrl) was recombinant LASV NP diluted in sample buffer. The LFI diagnostic and dipstick platforms detected NP antigen on days 7-8. Days 9-12 show no detectable antigen in either format. Test line reflectance and Test to Control ratios (T/C Ratio) are indicated below each test.

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