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Table 1 The six cDNA fragments whose expressions changed upon infection of broad bean with ClYVV

From: Screening and analysis of genes expressed upon infection of broad bean with Clover yellow vein virus causing lethal necrosis

Flagments (deduced amino acid sequence)1 Homologous proteins (amino acid sequence) Organisms Identity (%)2 Accession
k47 (199 aa) Glutathione S-transferase GST 16 protein (221 aa) Glycine max 66.8 AF243371
k58 (79 aa) Putative NOI protein, nitrate-induced protein (79 aa) Arabidopsis thaliana 70.9 AY065260
k158 (202 aa) GPRP (177 aa) A. thaliana 55.5 NM_123903
  AtGPRP2 (179 aa) A. thaliana 59 NM_118040
m2 (112 aa) Putative senescence-associated protein (279 aa) Pisum sativum 84.7 AB049724
m4 (74 aa) Putative thaumatin-like protein (224 aa) Medicago truncatula 65.4 AM943532
m18 (34 aa) Quinone reductase family protein (205 aa) A. thaliana 68.4 NM_118861
  1. 1. The full length mRNAs of k58 and k158 [DDBJ: AB615378, AB615379] were obtained by 5' and 3' RACE and others seem to be partial.
  2. 2. The identity of each fragment with the homologous protein was caluculated by GENETYX software (GENETYX, Tokyo, Japan).