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Table 1 Isolates used in study

From: Tridimensional model structure and patterns of molecular evolution of Pepino mosaic virus TGBp3 protein

Isolate Origin Genotype Symptoms on S. lycopersicum Accession Numbers
1806 Belgium EU mild FJ457098
DB1 Netherlands EU necrosis FJ940224
SW Poland EU mild EF408822
UK UK EU - AF340024
SP13 Spain EU - AF484251
PMUO618 Spain EU   FJ263318
H Hungary EU mild (yellow mosaic) AM491606
No Poland EU mild FJ612602
LP2001 Peru LP asymptomatic AJ606361
US3 USA EU - AY508411.1
Ch1 Chile CH1 - DQ000984.1
P22 Poland CH2 mild HQ650560
Cl308 Spain CH2 - GU130097
PMU0848 Spain CH2 - FJ263365
P19 Poland CH2 necrosis HQ650559
Ch2 Chile CH2 - DQ000985
Amo7 Spain CH2 - GU130090
US2 USA recombinant CH1/CH2 - AY509927