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Table 1 Panel of viral DNA used to validate the G9R-NA OPXV rt-PCR assay

From: Detection of North American orthopoxviruses by real time-PCR

Old World viruses Sample ID Accession No. Ortholog Viral Prep. 2 ng*
Camelpox CMLV-V78 I Not available Not available Pure ND
Cowpox CPXV-Sweden Not available Not available Pure ND
Ectromelia ECTV-MOS NC_004105 73 Pure ND
Monkeypox MPXV-USA DQ011157 84 Pure ND
Orf ORFV-NZ2 DQ184476 44 Pure ND
Squirrel Fibroma SQFV-Kilham Not available 59 Crude ND
Tanapox TAV-Kenya NC_009888 63 Pure ND
Taterapox TATV-DAH68 NC_008291 90 Pure ND
Vaccinia VACV-COP M35027 108 Pure ND
Variola VARV-BSH L22579 76 Pure ND
North American viruses
Raccoonpox RCNV-1964 FJ807746-54 70 Pure 17
Skunkpox SKPV-1978 FJ807755-63 86 Pure 17
Volepox VPXV-1985 FJ807737-45 86 Pure 16
  1. *The average of the cycle when fluorescence crossed the threshold (Ct) for each positive sample is shown. ND, not detected.