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Table 1 Three variable positions were found in the T-helper epitope of post-1934 H1N1 genomes (4th, 6th and 8th residue)

From: Characterization of a branched lipopeptide candidate vaccine against influenza A/Puerto Rico 8/34 which is recognized by human B and T-cell immune responses

ID T-helper epitope Relevance
122 WLTEKEGSYP 4 exact matches, including "original" A/Puerto Rico/8/34 epitope
132 WLTEKEGLYP No exact matches
133 WLTEKNGSYP 86 exact matches
134 WLTEKNGLYP 199 exact matches
135 WLTGKEGSYP No exact matches
136 WLTGKEGLYP No exact matches
137 WLTGKNGSYP 2 exact matches
138 WLTGKNGLYP > 500 exact matches, including A/New Caledonia/20/99
  1. All possible mutations were designed and synthesized, and these mutations are bolded for emphasis. The relevance of the constructs was evaluated by using the NCBI protein BLAST analysis to determine if the mutations were naturally occurring, and if so how many influenza genomes encompassed each combination.