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Table 2 Transcripts of the HCMV UL144 gene demonstrated in this study.

From: Characterization of the transcripts of human cytomegalovirus UL144

Transcripts The position of 5' end of the transcript Isolates in which transcripts were identified Amounts. of cDNA clones from the library Strength of reaction in Northern blot Position and forms of the TATA-box Position and forms of the CAT-box
1,600 nt 11276 H,CH,XU 15 ++++ 11247-11250,TATA 11206-11210,CCAAT
1,300 nt 11528 H,CH,XU 4 ++ 11515-11519.TATTA -
3,500 nt 9303 H 0 + 9288-9297.TTACTTTTAA 9274-9279. CCAAAT
1,700 nt 11091 H,CH,XU 1 - 11040-11044. TATTA 11001-11005. CACAT
  1. Note: all of the transcripts share the same 3' end at nt 12844-12846. Nucleotide numbers are based on the UL/b' region sequence of isolate H (GenBank accession number GQ981646).