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Table 1 Characteristic of rescued viruses including two mutation strains from different genotypes

From: First construction of infectious clone for newly emerging mutation porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) followed by comparison with PCV2a and PCV2b genotypes in biological characteristics in vitro

Items Name of rescued viruses
  PCV2a/rCL PCV2b/rJF PCV2b/rYJ PCV2d/rBDH
GenBank No HM038033 HM038022 HM038032 HM038017
Genotype PCV2a PCV2b PCV2b PCV2d
Year of isolation 2008 2008 2008 2008
Genome length (nt) 1768 1767 1766 1767
ORF2 length (nt) 702 702 708 705
ORF1 length (nt) 945 945 945 945
Number of amino acid* 0 0 2 (N and E) 1 (K)
  1. Note: * represent the elongation number of amino acid encoded by ORF2 compared with classical PCV2 strains with 233 aa in ORF2-encoded Cap protein.