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Figure 4

From: First construction of infectious clone for newly emerging mutation porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) followed by comparison with PCV2a and PCV2b genotypes in biological characteristics in vitro

Figure 4

Analysis of the precise site changes contributed to mutations of Cap protein in the corresponding position in the genome level. Based on sequencing results of the four rescued PCV2, PCV2b/rYJ showed, and PCV2d/rBDH showed an elongation of one amino acid (Lys) compared with the PCV2a/rCL isolations. Analysis of the genomic sequencing in the four rescued strains indicated that a one-base deletion at position 1039 in the genome of strain PCV2b/rYJ (refer to the red arrow) resulted in an elongation of two amino acids (Asn and Glu) in ORF-encoded Cap protein and a codon mutation from TTA to CTT (marked in black dash box) in the genomic level of PCV2d/rBDH led to the stop codon mutation from UAA to AAG, being in an amino acid elongation by the next stop codon UGA (reverse complement of TCA, marked in black box), compared with that of the PCV2a/rCL. Black arrow and black box represent ORF2 translation and ORF2 stop codons of the four rescued viruses, respectively.

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