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Table 1 Information of LNV isolates in China

From: Liao ning virus in China

Province Strain Origin Time of Collection Vector
Kashi, southern Xinjiang XJ0602, XJ0603, XJ0606, XJ0610, XJ0611, XJ0614, XJ0615, XJ0616, XJ0620, XJ0621, XJ0623, XJ0624, XJ0626, XJ0627, XJ0632, XJ0635, XJ0640, XJ0642, XJ0648, XJ0653, XJ0654, XJ0656, XJ0657, XJ0658, XJ0659, XJ0661, XJ0662, XJ0665, XJ0670, XJ0672, XJ06121 sheep house 2006.Jul-Aug Culex spp.
Bayinguoleng, southern Xinjiang XJ0719, XJ0727, XJ0735, XJ0737 piggery 2007.Jul Culex spp.
  XJ0740, XJ0746, XJ0753 piggery 2007.Jul Aedes dorsalis
Alertai, northern Xinjiang XJ0815, XJ0822, piggery 2008.Jul Aedes dorsalis
  XJ0837 cow house 2008.Jul Aedes dorsalis
Shanxi SX0771 piggery 2007.Aug Culex pipiens pallens
  SX0794 piggery 2007.Aug Aedes dorsalis
Qinghai QH07130 reed field 2007.Aug Culex modestus
Liaoning NE9712, NE9731 piggery 1997 Aedes dorsalis
Indonesia JKT6423   1980