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Table 1 Summary of the symptoms induced by the expression of ACMV, CLCuMV, CbLCuV and TYLCV genes from a PVX vector in N. benthamiana

From: Comparison of phenotypes produced in response to transient expression of genes encoded by four distinct begomoviruses in Nicotiana benthamianaand their correlation with the levels of developmental miRNAs

Gene Construct Latent period(days) Recovery
- PVX 7 Yes(12-14) MVY, VT, MMo,
gfp PVX- gfp 6 Yes (12-14) MVY, VT, Mo and GFP
  PVX-Mu-rep 7 Yes (14-16) Nc, LCu, NcO, NcS
rep PVX-A-rep 7 No NcO, SLCu, VY, NcS
  PVX-Cb-rep 7 Yes (14-16) NcO, MLcu, NcS
  PVX-T-rep nd* nd* nd*
  PVX-Mu-c2 7 Yes (14-16) NcO, MLCu, NcS
trap/c2 PVX-A-trap 5 Yes (12-14) VY, VNc, MLCu
  PVX-Cb-trap 7 Yes (14-16) VY, VNc, MLCu
  PVX-T-c2 7 Yes (14-16) IVC
  PVX-Mu-ren 7 Yes (14-15) MVY, VT, M Mo
ren PVX-A-ren 7 Yes (14-15) MVY, VT, M Mo
  PVX-Cb-ren 7 Yes (14-15) MVY, VT, M Mo
  PVX-T-ren 7 Yes (14-15) MVY, VT, M Mo
  PVX-Mu-c4 7 No MLCu, VY, DL
(a)c4 PVX-A-ac4 7 Yes (14-16) MVY, VT, M Mo
  PVX-Cb-ac4 7 Yes (14-16) VY, LCr, VS
  PVX-T-c4 7 Yes (14-16) Et, MLCu,
  PVX-Mu-cp 7 Yes (14-15) MVY, VT, M Mo.,
cp PVX-A-cp 7 Yes (14-15) MLCu, Mos
  PVX-Cb-cp 7 Yes (14-15) MVY, VT, MMo
  PVX-T-cp 7 Yes (14-15) LCr, LCu, Mos
  PVX-Mu-v2 6 No NcO, SLCu, VNc,
(a)v2 PVX-A-av2 8 Yes (16-18) LCu, VY
  PVX-T-v2 7 No SLCu, St, VY, NcS
mp PVX-A-mp 7 Yes (14-15) MVY, VT, M Mo,
  PVX-Cb-mp 7 Yes (14-15) MVY, VT, M Mo,
nsp PVX-A-nsp 7 Yes (14-15) MLCu, NcS
  PVX-Cb-nsp 7 Yes (14-15) MVY, VT, M Mo
c5 PVX-Ko-c5 8 Yes (14-16) NcO, Mos,
βc1 PVX-Mu- βC1 6 No SLCu, St, En, VS, VD
  1. *Not determined.
  2. Newly developing leaves showing no symptoms.
  3. Approx. number of days after inoculation that symptom reversion (recovery) started.
  4. Period between inoculation and first sign of appearance of symptoms.
  5. #Symptoms are indicated as mild vein yellowing (MYV), vein thickening (VT), mild mosaic (MMo), necrosis (Nc), leaf curling (LCu), necrosis at site of inoculation (NcO), systemic necrotic lesions (NcS), severe leaf curling (SLCu), Vein yellowing (VY), mild leaf curling (MLCu), veinal necrosis (VNc), inter veinal chlorosis (IVC), deformed leaves (DL), leaf crumpling (LCr), etiolation (Et), mosaic (Mos), stunting (St), enations (En), vein swelling (VS) and vein darkening (VD).