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Table 1 Antigenicities of the MEAP with antibodies to B, C, D, E, G and I glycoprotein of HSV-2 and antigenicities of some B cell epitopes with antibodies to the MEAP

From: Design and evaluation of a multi-epitope assembly Peptide (MEAP) against herpes simplex virus type 2 infection in BALB/c mice

No. Antibodies EIA OD (450 nm) Value
gD26-18 Ab to MEAP 1.125 ± 0.041
gB2466-473 Ab to MEAP 0.977 ± 0.039
gC2216-223 Ab to MEAP 0.899 ± 0.031
gE2483-491 Ab to MEAP 1.102 ± 0.040
gG2572-579 Ab to MEAP 0.182 ± 0.011
gI2286-295 Ab to MEAP 0.792 ± 0.029
MEAP Ab to gD2 1.099 ± 0.037
MEAP Ab to gB2 0.986 ± 0.031
MEAP Ab to gC2 0.893 ± 0.029
MEAP Ab to gE2 1.013 ± 0.041
MEAP Ab to gG2 0.201 ± 0.011
MEAP Ab to gI2 0.876 ± 0.031
Control 1 Ab to MEAP 0.116 ± 0.011
Control 2 Ab to gD2 0.121 ± 0.010
  1. The selected synthesized B cell epitopes were coated as antigens. The antibodies to the MEAP reacted with the epitopes. The antigenicities were detected by EIA. The MEAP was coated as an antigen. The antibodies to the B, C, D, E, G and I glycoproteins (ABcam) reacted with the MEAP, and the results can be seen in the Table. No. represents the number of the peptides and the MEAP. Control 1 is a peptide other from the HSV-2 glycoproteins. Control 2 is a antibody other than antibodies to the B, C, D, E, G and I glycoproteins of HSV-2. The O.D. mean values (at 450 nm) are shown in the Table.