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Table 1 Descriptions of used plasmids

From: Tetherin inhibits prototypic foamy virus release

Name Descriptions
Flag-HuTHN, Flag-AgmTHN, Flag-BovTHN, Flag-CanTHN Human, African green monkey, bovine and canine tetherin expression plasmids
Flag-HuTHN delCT, Human tetherin 20-180 aa expression plasmid
Flag-HuTHN delTM Human tetherin 47-180 aa expression plasmid
Flag-HuTHN delGPI Human tetherin 1-161 aa expression plasmid
Flag-AgmTHN delCT African green monkey tetherin 26-182 aa expression plasmid
Flag-AgmTHN delTM African green monkey tetherin 50-182 aa expression plasmid
Flag-AgmTHN delGPI African green monkey tetherin 1-159 aa expression plasmid
HuTHN C53A, HuTHN C63A, HuTHN C91A Human tetherin single cysteine mutated to alanine
HuTHN C53/91A, HuTHN C53/63A, HuTHN C63/91A Human tetherin two of the three cysteines mutated to alanines
HuTHN C53/63/91A Human tetherin all three cysteines mutated to alanines
HuTHN N2A Human tetherin two asparagines at 65 and 92 mutated to alanines
HuTHN C3A/N2A Human tetherin all three cysteines and two asparagines mutated to alanines