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Table 1 Provenance of P. vulgaris accessions used in this study

From: Inhibition of HIV-1 infection by aqueous extracts of Prunella vulgaris L.

Accession Geographic Origin Habitat
Ames 27664 North Carolina, USA Lakeside along pine-oak forest
Ames 27665 North Carolina, USA Roadside in spruce-fir forest
Ames 27666 North Carolina, USA Trailside, rich mesic cove forest
Ames 27748 Missouri, USA Roadside along prairie remnant, partly mowed
Ames 28312 Iowa, USA Muddy, rocky bed of Rock Creek
Ames 28355 Iowa, USA Des Moines River floodplain
Ames 28356 Iowa, USA Slump below sandstone cliff
Ames 28358 Iowa, USA Cleared woods
Ames 28359 Iowa, USA Springs in dense forest
Ames 28313 Iowa, USA Mesic prairie
Ames 29161 S. Ossetia, Republic of Georgia Pine-spruce forest edge
Ames 29156 S. Ossetia, Republic of Georgia Roadside along Tana River
Ames 29160 S. Ossetia, Republic of Georgia Alpine meadow
Ames 29155 S. Ossetia, Republic of Georgia Roadside along secondary subalpine meadow
PI 656839 Iowa, USA Native prairie remnant
PI 656840 Iowa, USA Shoreline of pond
PI 656841 Iowa, USA Bottom ground field
PI 656842 Missouri, USA Roadside prairie remnant