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Table 3 Different lengths of nucleotides and deduced amino acids of S1 glycoprotein gene of the 80 isolated IBV strains

From: Phylogenetic distribution and predominant genotype of the avian infectious bronchitis virus in China during 2008-2009

Length (nt/aa) Strains
1641/547 NJ
1647/549 BT, ST1, ST3, XD2, XN2, LC1, LC2, LC3, LC4, LC5, LC7, LC8, HN08
1650/550 PT2, Y4, Y9, HY, KYJD, LZ1, LZ2, LZ3, SL, XD3, XN, XN1, GL2, GL, NN, YL08, YL6, WH1, WH2, WH3, WH4, LYG, HZ1, HZ2, HZ3, HZ5, HZ6, HZ7, HZ8, HZ9, QZ1, QZ2, QZ3
1653/551 CQ8
1656/552 CQ9, MS1, PT1, PT3, PT4, FML, HY41, HY42, HY52, HY1, HY2, HY3, LH, WL, GL, HEZ, LC6, LC9, HN1, HN2, HN31, HN32, HN33, HN34, HN41, HN42, HN43, HN44, HZ4
1659/553 HY51, YL4
1662/554 LC