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Table 1 IBV strains isolated from flocks in different provinces of China

From: Phylogenetic distribution and predominant genotype of the avian infectious bronchitis virus in China during 2008-2009

Virus Strain Abbreviation Major clinical signs Age of IB outbreak (days) Accession number
CK/CH/Chongqing/0908 CQ8 Respiratory 16 GU938413
CK/CH/Chongqing/0909 CQ9 Nephritis 38 GU938414
CK/CH/Sichuan/Meishan/0910 MS1 Nephritis 57 GU938415
CK/CH/Fujian/Putian1/0910 PT1 Nephritis 20 GU938408
CK/CH/Fujian/Putian2/0910 PT2 Nephritis 16 GU938409
CK/CH/Fujian/Putian3/0910 PT3 Nephritis 19 GU938410
CK/CH/Fujian/Putian4/0910 PT4 Nephritis 19 GU938411
CK/CH/Guangdong/Baitu/0904 BT Nephritis 32 GU938385
CK/CH/Guangdong/DashaY4/0902 Y4 Nephritis 23 GU938368
CK/CH/Guangdong/DashaY9/0902 Y9 Nephritis 23 GU938367
CK/CH/Guangdong/Fengmulang/0901 FML Nephritis 20 GU938441
CK/CH/Guangdong/Heyuan/0902 HY Nephritis 27 GU938443
CK/CH/Guangdong/Heyuan1/0904 HY41 Nephritis 25 GU938386
CK/CH/Guangdong/Heyuan2/0904 HY42 Nephritis 18 GU938387
CK/CH/Guangdong/Heyuan1/0905 HY51 Nephritis 34 GU938401
CK/CH/Guangdong/Heyuan2/0905 HY52 Nephritis 55 GU938416
CK/CH/Guangdong/Heyuan1/0910 HY1 Nephritis 15 GU938406
CK/CH/Guangdong/Heyuan2/0910 HY2 Nephritis 32 GU938407
CK/CH/Guangdong/Heyuan3/0910 HY3 Nephritis 60 GU938421
CK/CH/Guangdong/Keyanjidi/0908 KY Nephritis 23 GU938402
CK/CH/Guangdong/Lezhu1/0905 LZ1 Nephritis 4 GU938397
CK/CH/Guangdong/Lezhu2/0905 LZ2 Respiratory 13 GU938398
CK/CH/Guangdong/Lezhu3/0905 LZ3 Nephritis 13 GU938388
CK/CH/Guangdong/Lianhua/0806 LH Respiratory 15 GU938366
CK/CH/Guangdong/Shalang/0910 SL Nephritis 12 GU938423
CK/CH/Guangdong/Shuitai/0901 ST1 Nephritis 27 GU938375
CK/CH/Guangdong/Shuitai/0903 ST3 Nephritis 12 GU938437
CK/CH/Guangdong/Wulian/0901 WL Nephritis 20 GU938440
CK/CH/Guangdong/Xindadi/0902 XD2 Respiratory 9 GU938438
CK/CH/Guangdong/Xindadi/0903 XD3 Respiratory 27 GU938442
CK/CH/Guangdong/Xinnong/0811 XN Nephritis 20 GU938365
CK/CH/Guangdong/Xinnong1/0901 XN1 Nephritis 16 GU938373
CK/CH/Guangdong/Xinnong2/0901 XN2 Nephritis 49 GU938374
CK/CH/Guangxi/Guilin1/0806 GL1 Nephritis 20 GU938390
CK/CH/Guangxi/Guilin2/0806 GL2 Nephritis 30 GU938396
CK/CH/Guangxi/Guilin/0811 GL Respiratory 15 GU938389
CK/CH/Guangxi/Hezhou/0903 HEZ Nephritis 47 GU938395
CK/CH/Guangxi/Luchuan/0906 LC Nephritis 27 GU938394
CK/CH/Guangxi/Luchuan1/0910 LC1 Nephritis 15 GU938403
CK/CH/Guangxi/Luchuan2/0910 LC2 Nephritis 17 GU938404
CK/CH/Guangxi/Luchuan3/0910 LC3 Nephritis 12 GU938405
CK/CH/Guangxi/Luchuan4/0910 LC4 Nephritis 5 GU938417
CK/CH/Guangxi/Luchuan5/0910 LC5 Nephritis 11 GU938418
CK/CH/Guangxi/Luchuan6/0910 LC6 Nephritis 69 GU938419
CK/CH/Guangxi/Luchuan7/0910 LC7 Nephritis 15 GU938420
CK/CH/Guangxi/Luchuan8/0910 LC8 Nephritis 10 GU938422
CK/CH/Guangxi/Luchuan9/0910 LC9 Nephritis 65 GU938424
CK/CH/Guangxi/Nanning/0903 NN Nephritis 33 GU938400
CK/CH/Guangxi/Yulin/0812 YL08 Nephritis 30 GU938391
CK/CH/Guangxi/Yulin/0904 YL4 Nephritis 25 GU938399
CK/CH/Guangxi/Yulin/0906 YL6 Nephritis 45 GU938393
CK/CH/Hainan/0811 HN08 Nephritis 35 GU938439
CK/CH/Hainan1/0901 HN1 Nephritis 17 GU938382
CK/CH/Hainan2/0901 HN2 Nephritis 15 GU938383
CK/CH/Hainan1/0903 HN31 Nephritis 20 GU938376
CK/CH/Hainan2/0903 HN32 Nephritis 30 GU938377
CK/CH/Hainan3/0903 HN33 Nephritis 25 GU938384
CK/CH/Hainan4/0903 HN34 Nephritis 21 GU938444
CK/CH/Hainan1/0904 HN41 Nephritis 46 GU938378
CK/CH/Hainan2/0904 HN42 Nephritis 17 GU938379
CK/CH/Hainan3/0904 HN43 Nephritis 44 GU938380
CK/CH/Hainan4/0904 HN44 Nephritis 48 GU938381
CK/CH/Hubei/Wuhan1/0901 WH1 Nephritis 18 GU938369
CK/CH/Hubei/Wuhan2/0901 WH2 Nephritis 18 GU938370
CK/CH/Hubei/Wuhan3/0901 WH3 Nephritis 24 GU938371
CK/CH/Hubei/Wuhan4/0901 WH4 Nephritis 20 GU938372
CK/CH/Jiangsu/Lianyungang/0902 LYG Nephritis 28 GU938392
CK/CH/Jiangsu/NanJiao/0904 NJ Respiratory 20 GU938412
CK/CH/Zhejiang/Huzhou1/0910 HZ1 Nephritis 64 GU938425
CK/CH/Zhejiang/Huzhou2/0910 HZ2 Nephritis 12 GU938426
CK/CH/Zhejiang/Huzhou3/0910 HZ3 Nephritis 32 GU938427
CK/CH/Zhejiang/Huzhou4/0910 HZ4 Nephritis 4 GU938428
CK/CH/Zhejiang/Huzhou5/0910 HZ5 Nephritis 12 GU938429
CK/CH/Zhejiang/Huzhou6/0910 HZ6 Nephritis 13 GU938430
CK/CH/Zhejiang/Huzhou7/0910 HZ7 Nephritis 15 GU938434
CK/CH/Zhejiang/Huzhou8/0910 HZ8 Nephritis 21 GU938435
CK/CH/Zhejiang/Huzhou9/0910 HZ9 Nephritis 16 GU938436
CK/CH/Zhejiang/Quzhou1/0910 QZ1 Respiratory 14 GU938431
CK/CH/Zhejiang/Quzhou2/0910 QZ2 Respiratory 12 GU938432
CK/CH/Zhejiang/Quzhou3/0910 QZ3 Respiratory 9 GU938433