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Table 5 Sites in neuraminidase under differential selection between isolates from Eurasian swine and the pandemic 2009

From: Positive selection on hemagglutinin and neuraminidase genes of H1N1 influenza viruses

Position1 P-value Amino acid polymorphism2
   Eurasian Swine Pandemic 2009
35 0.00312 S92 S1392/G2/C1/I1/V1
321T 0.00425 I58/V34 I1395/X2
381 0.00634 T92 T1391/I4/N2
452T 0.00049 T92 T1385/-7/A2/I1/S1/N1
453T 0.00003 V92 V1383/-8/M4/G2
  1. 1In this column, T indicates that the site lies in the T-cell antigenic regions [19]. The NA numbering starts from MNPN.
  2. 2In these columns, capital letters stand for amino acids and numbers following them indicate the number of times they occur in the alignment. X indicates codons that are not translated properly.