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Table 2 Mutations Observed in HA Genes from IgY-resistant Passages.

From: "Boom" and "Bust" cycles in virus growth suggest multiple selective forces in influenza a evolution

Passage Mutant/total Amino acid changes7[nucleotide changes]8,9
2 2/12 P221S [C737T10]11
10 1/14 P214Q [C721A]
   N31S/silent [A140G/C1407T], Y94H/silent [T357C/T521C],
1112 4/9 S209T/silent/silent [G703C/G722A/A953G],
   Y308H/C1372Y [T999C/G1474A]
1312 1/2 E62K [G261A]
16 0/8 None
  1. 7 Amino acids are numbered according to mature HA. Residues from the HA2 moiety are designated with the subscript "2" following the residue number.
  2. 8 Nucleotide numbering is as for the full-length sequence of the mutant.
  3. 9 Accession numbers will be supplied when sequence deposit is finalized.
  4. 10 Mutations encoding amino acid changes are underlined.
  5. 11 Both mutant isolates had identical sequence.
  6. 12 Sequences obtained from PCR using Taq polymerase.