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Table 1 Passage history and geographic location of isolation of Tahyna viruses used in this study

From: Tahyna virus genetics, infectivity, and immunogenicity in mice and monkeys

Virus Strain Site of isolation Passage historya GenBank accession number
TAHV/58/CZ Prototype "92" Bardos Czechoslovakia MB, C6/36 p1 n/ab
TAHV/58/CZ-cl(1)c    MB, C6/36 p1, vero p4 HM036208-10
TAHV/58/CZ-cl(2)c    MB, C6/36 p1, vero p4 HM036211-13
TAHV/68/FR C14019-29 France MB p5, C6/36 p1 n/a
TAHV/68/FR-cl c    MB p5, C6/36 p1, vero p4 HM036214-16
TAHV/84/CZ 22595-6 Czechoslovakia MB p22, C6/36 p1 n/a
TAHV/84/CZ-clc    MB p22, C6/36 p1, vero p4 HM036217-19
  1. a Cell/tissue type followed by number of passages. MB = mouse brain, total number of passages unknown
  2. b Not applicable. Sequence not submitted to GenBank.
  3. c Biologically-cloned derivative.