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Table 3 Comparison of Plasmopara halstedii virus (PhV) and Sclerophthora macrospora virus A (SmV A).

From: The nucleotide sequence and genome organization of Plasmopara halstedii virus

  PhV SmV A
Virion diameter (stained with 2% uranyl acetate) 37 nm 40 nm
Virion shape isometric isometric
Presence or absence of peplomers present present
Type of nucleic acid RNA RNA
Strandedness single-stranded single-stranded
Size of genome 4.3 kb 5.9 kb
Number of segments 2 3
G+C ratio RNA1: 45%
RNA2: 48%
RNA1: 51%
RNA2: 49%
RNA3: 51%
Size of segments and open-reading frames (ORF) RNA1: 2793 nt (ORF1)
RNA2: 1526 nt (ORF2)
RNA1: 2928 nt (ORF1a, ORF1b)
RNA2: 1981 nt (ORF2)
RNA3: 977 nt (no ORF)
Size and function of ORF
RdRp: RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
CP: Coat protein
ORF1: 2745 nt (RdRp)
ORF2: 1128 nt (CP)
ORF1a: 2697 nt (RdRp)
ORF1b: 870 nt (unknown function)
ORF2: 1269 nt (CP)
Size of 5' untranslated region (5' UTR) RNA1: 18 nt
RNA2: 164 nt
RNA1: 66 nt
RNA2: 11 nt
Size of 3' untranslated region (3' UTR) RNA1: 30 nt
RNA2: 234 nt
RNA1: 165 nt
RNA2: 701 nt
3'-terminal poly(A) tract Poly(A) tracts are present in RNA1 and RNA2. Poly(A) tracts are lacking
at the 3' ends of all 3 RNA.
Number of structural proteins 1 2
Size of structural proteins SDS-PAGE: 36 kDa
ORF2: 40 kDa (375 amino acids)
Postproteolytic cleavage: 38 kDa
SDS-PAGE: 43 kDa and 39 kDa
ORF2: 45 kDa (422 amino acids)
Postproteolytic cleavage: 38 kDa
CP shows similarities to CP of... SmV A, Tombusviruses PhV, Tombusviruses
Number of non-structural proteins 1 1-2
Size of non-structural proteins ORF1: 914 amino acids (104 kDa)
ORF1a: 898 amino acids (100 kDa)
ORF1b: 289 amino acids (33 kDa)
RdRp shows similarities to RdRp of... SmV A, Nodaviruses PhV, Nodaviruses
Content, character, etc. none not determined