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Table 1 The oligonucleotides encoding full-length and truncated versions of the KKPGGPG motif

From: Identification of a conserved JEV serocomplex B-cell epitope by screening a phage-display peptide library with a mAb generated against West Nile virus capsid protein

Designations of oligonucleotides The sequences of oligonucleotides Coding motifs (designations)
Hp-1-F 5'-AATTCaagaaaccaggagggcccggcTAAG-3' KKPGGPG (Hp-1)
Hp-1-R 5'-TCGACTTAgccgggccctcctggtttcttG-3'  
Hp-2-F 5'-AATTCaaaccaggagggcccggcTAAG-3' KPGGPG (Hp-2)
Hp-2-R 5'-TCGACTTAgccgggccctcctggtttG-3'  
Hp-3-F 5'-AATTCaagaaaccaggagggcccTAAG-3' KKPGGP (Hp-3)
Hp-3-R 5'-TCGACTTAgggccctcctggtttcttG-3'  
Hp-4-F 5'-AATTCccaggagggcccggcTAAG-3' PGGPG (Hp-4)
Hp-4-R 5'-TCGACTTAgccgggccctcctggG-3'  
Hp-5-F 5'-AATTCaagaaaccaggagggTAAG-3' KKPGG (Hp-5)
Hp-5-R 5'-TCGACTTAccctcctggtttcttG-3'  
  1. Notes: Bases introduced to form the overhanging ends of EcoR I and Sal I after annealing the two complementary oligonucleotides are shown in capital letters; stop codons TAA are added.