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Table 2 Summary of Predicted Interactions

From: Structural similarity-based predictions of protein interactions between HIV-1 and Homo sapiens

Prediction Results Summary
  Before CC filter After CC filter
Structure Nodes 11 10
HIV-1 Uniprot 49 33
Similar Human Proteins 347 189
Predicted Human Binding Partners 406 137
True Positives 62 31
Total Predictions 2143 502
Percent True Positive 2.89% 6.18%
  1. The number of proteins found as well as interaction predictions made by the method are shown. HIV-1 Structure Nodes refers to the number of HIV-1 proteins represented in Dali, while HIV-1 Uniprot refers to the number of HIV-1 Uniprot accessions present in the predictions. Human proteins and predicted interactions are counted by unique Uniprot accessions.