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Table 2 Chaperones involved in the assembly of the tail, tail fibers and attachment of the fibers to the phage particle 7172343446274.

From: Morphogenesis of the T4 tail and tail fibers

Protein Monomer mass (kDa) Oligomeric state in solution Function Protein Data Bank accession code
gp8 38.0 Dimer Folding of gp6 1N7Z
gp26 23.9 ND* Hub assembly chaperone  
gp51 29.3 ND Hub assembly chaperone  
gp57A 5.7 Mixture: Trimer-Hexamer-Dodecamer Folding of gp12, gp34, gp37  
gp38 22.3 ND Folding of gp37  
gpwac 51.9 Trimer LTF to baseplate attachment 1AA0
gp63 45.3 ND LTF to baseplate attachment  
  1. * ND, not determined.
  2. LTF, long tail fiber.