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Table 1 Summary and comparison of NiV infection and glycoprotein targeting in polarized epithelial and endothelial cells.

From: Nipah virus infection and glycoprotein targeting in endothelial cells

  Epithelial cells (Weise et al., 2010) Endothelial cells (this study)
Foci formation in NiV-infected polarized cell monolayers yes yes
Glycoprotein distribution in NiV-infected polarized cells   
   F protein bipolar bipolar
   G protein bipolar bipolar
Glycoprotein distribution in polarized cells upon single expression   
   F protein basolateral bipolar
   G protein basolateral bipolar
Distribution of glycoproteins with mutations in potential cytoplasmic sorting signals   
   FY525A apical apical
   FY542/543A basolateral apical
   GY28/29A apical bipolar
   GL41/42A basolateral bipolar