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Table 2 Shared genes in cyanomyoviruses

From: T4 genes in the marine ecosystem: studies of the T4-like cyanophages and their role in marine ecology

Functional Category Gene S-RSM4 S-PM2 P-SSM2 P-SSM4 Syn9 Product/Function
  denV Pryrimidine dimer repair
  59 $ ssDNA binding protein
  rnh $ RNaseH
  49 $ Recombination endonuclease VII
  2 $ Protein protecting DNA ends
  hoc Capsid protein
  9 $ Baseplate socket
Structural Proteins S-PM2_043 structural *
  S-PM2_163 structural *
  S-PM2_165 structural *
  S-PM2_251 structural *
Photosynthesis psbA D2: core PSII protein
  psbD D1: core PSII protein
  petE Plastocyanin
  petF Ferredoxin
  cepT PE regulatory protein
  ptoX Plastoquinol terminal oxidase
  speD Polyamine biosynthesis
  hli x2 x2 x6 x4 x2 High light inducible protein
Carbon/phosphate metabolism gnd 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase
  zwf Glucose 6-phoshate dehydrogenase
  talC Transaldolase
  trx Thioredoxin
  phoH Phosphate -induced stress protein
  pstS Phosphate -induced stress protein
Conserved Cyanophages genes mazG Nucleoside triphosphate pyrophosphohydrolase
  cobS Cobalamin biosynthesis
  prnA x2 Trpytophan halogenase
  S-PM2_225 Oxygenase superfamily-like protein
  S-PM2_232 Putative Helicase
  S-PM2_113 Unknown
  S-PM2_117 Unknown
  S-PM2_119 Unknown
  S-PM2_138 Unknown
  S-PM2_141 Unknown
  S-PM2_164 Unknown
  S-PM2_056 Unknown
  S-PM2_186 Unknown
  S-PM2_187 Unknown
  S-PM2_194 Unknown
  S-PM2_198 Unknown
  1. The table was modified from [25, 45]. Genes were called present (#10003;) or absent (#10007) using previous annotations [5, 23, 25] and BLASTp with a cut off value of <10-5.
  2. * Genes previously identified as structural proteins by mass spectrometry [23, 24].
  3. $ Genes previously identified as core to T4-like phages [25].