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Table 1 The homing endonucleases of phage T4

From: Mobile DNA elements in T4 and related phages

Endonuclease Intron encoded or free-standing Active Family Insertion Site Target Gene Reference
I-TevI Intron Yes GIY-YIG td td [14, 28]
I-TevII Intron Yes GIY-YIG nrdD nrdD [7]
I-TevIII Intron Yes (RB3) HNH nrdB nrdB [19, 20]
mobA Free-standing ND HNH 60.1/39 39 D. Shub pers. comm..
mobB Free-standing ND HNH α-gt/α-gt.2 unknown  
mobC Free-standing ND HNH nrdG/nrdD unknown  
mobD Free-standing ND HNH nrdC.11/mobD.1 unknown  
mobE Free-standing Yes HNH nrdB/nrdA nrdB [41, 42]
segA Free-standing Yes GIY-YIG uvsX/β-gt uvsX [34]
segB Free-standing Yes GIY-YIG tRNA-Arg/tRNA-Ile tRNA intergenic region [38]
segC Free-standing Yes GIY-YIG 5.1/5.3 of 5.1 and 5.3 [37]
segD Free-standing ND GIY-YIG 23/24 unknown  
segE Free-standing Yes GIY-YIG inh/uvsW uvsW [36]
segF Free-standing Yes GIY-YIG soc/56 56 [35]
segG Free-standing Yes GIY-YIG 32/59 32 [39]